My first attempt at blogging came in my 7th grade year. For a grade, I was required to set up an account and start blogging about books we read. I chose The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I chose the book do to the fact the movie came out the year prior and I already read it. I was good at it. I often thought in my class, when we would have to read our blogs out to everyone, that mine was the best. My blog had personality and was interesting. I eventually stopped the blog due to being time consuming and I’ve never been any good at writing.

My second attempt came either 8th or 9th grade year. I was really interested in Media. All sorts, print, movies, music. So I started a blog. I remember my picture on wordpress was one of those stbaby-turtle-eats-strawberry-bigock images of the small turtle biting a large strawberry. Oh I was clever alright. I posted as many different people, even though I was only one person. Each person would be reporting on different media topics. I even got my friends to post sometimes when I didn’t feel like it. Posting every week was challenging at 14, I had other things to worry about. Though I assume the craze ended then when one of the friends that I exposed the blog to replied to one of my post. It was the same thing I wrote however each grammatical error was corrected and bolded. I was humiliated. So I closed that one too.

The third attempt wasn’t even a wordpress account. It was a tumblr. This was my 12th grade year. I was really into Doctor Who. So I created pictures, Fan art, and small text post about my new found joy. I enjoyed tumblr because unlike the silence I would get in my wordpress accounts, I would get actual feedback. I think I got 700+ notes on a picture once. But similarly to most of my other attempts, the hyped died, I was busy with other things, and I forgotten my password.

So here we are… Attempt number 4. Truthfully this is a spur of the moment thing. Searching on the inter webs hours of the day, as I do, something reminded me of blogging. I remembered, oh yeah I use to do that. I always enjoyed sharing my opinions, expertise, and life to others. Painting a picture of your life to someone else is magical to me. Though often times I hold back, it seems self-centred. However, this is the internet. No one cares and if they do, well then great. I remember my freshman year of college I had an english professor who would make us write everyday to one of our classmates. As poor as I am with the English language, grammar, and writing. I loved this class. I loved being able to write and not have to worry so much about my grammar. But just write. I loved how not only was my writing being read but responded to. My english teacher would say the only way you can get better at something is to practice everyday. And as a Music Major at the time, it made perfect sense.

Now here we are 4th attempt. Because the only way I can get better at it is practicing.



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