Everyone remembers the first time they came across astrological star signs. I remember mine was back in the early 2000s when myspace was still a thing. My older cousin introduced the concept to me. She didn’t exactly explain how one is assigned a star sign, she often just pop onto her myspace and exclaim “Oh, Taurus should be weary around goats! I should let my mom know.” Not exactly sure of this sorcery my cousin was talking about, I tended steer from the questions, she was big on scary witchcraft.


It took me sometime until I finally learned the beauties of the internet to realise, what astrological signs were and the significance it can play in one’s life. I soon researched and found out my own sign and was excited with the wonders I can learn about myself. It took me a while in research and years of being totally invested in the idea that astrological signs aren’t really always accurate and you are more than what your signs says.

Most people know that Astrological signs use the same generalising categories to help people relate to there star signs. Pick any Astrological sign trait and label it onto anyone. For instance, I mostly prefer to be a leader and in control of situations, but that doesn’t make me a leo. You can be witty and charming but that doesn’t make you a Scorpio. Everyone posses each of these traits inside them. It’s like saying sign because you have two eyes and you care about your mum you are a virgo. It’s pretty much saying you are a normal human being and you probably more than not posses this trait.

Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with knowing and being intersted in your Astrological Signs. I am just saying it’s kind of odd if you are 35 and believe that the reason why you hate raisins is because you are a Capricorn and you should avoid taking to gingers on Thursday. But to each its own, If you want to follow this system go for it. One could argue people have believed in Astrology for 100s of years. True, they also believe that alchemy was the tool that made up the universe, bit out-dated.

I do not believe being interested in Astrological as a young teenager is particularly a bad thing. Young adults like to put themselves in categories. They find it helps with creating a self identity, when only being on the planet for less then two decade. So if 13 year old Mary identifies as Pieces it’s not an appropirate time to laugh and state how naive she is. It also helps with making the world seem a lot less lonely. One can seem alone when they are billions of people on the earth, but hey that girl is an Aries just like me. If you ever wondered why reason why so many young adult novels focus on categorising people into groups (ie. Harry Potter, Divergent, Twilight), that’s why.

I believe the end goal, after all the categorisation, you can see the traits the make your identity through the different signs. Pick and choose the traits you see in these signs and see which ones you mostly care about are and passionate about. I care deeply about justice and balance in the world, similar to a Libra. I’m an individual who values truth and justice over emotions, that’s part of my personality.

I would just be cautious of goats.



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